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7 Reasons Why Now Is The Prime Time To Get a Solar Savings Estimate

Government Rebates + Energy Savings + Great Financing Options + Low Solar Panel Costs = The Best Opportunity to Go Solar and Start Saving BIG…

… But You May Miss Out if You Don’t Act Soon!

The end of 2021/beginning of 2022 may be THE prime opportunity to get in on solar before costs start increasing dramatically. Homeowners that act now are setting themselves up for low costs and big savings that we may not see again for many years. Here’s why now is the time to act…

  1. Reports are that a Perfect Storm is brewing that could send prices for solar panels soaring due to material shortages, tariffs on imported panels and supply chain issues… so now’s the time to get in on low prices while you still can
  2. The 26% dollar-for-dollar tax credit goes down after 2022 (and is gone completely after 2023) so you could lose out on free money from the government to pay for your solar panels (this credit can reduce your solar installation costs by thousands of dollars) (With the passage in August 2022 of the Inflation Reduction Act, the solar tax credit rose to 30% and was extended for almost 10 years.)
  3. The longer you wait, the longer you’ll miss out on thousands of dollars in savings on your electricity bill
  4. Due to an increase in violent weather and an aging power grid, prolonged blackouts are becoming more and more frequent across the U.S… with solar + battery backup you won’t be left in the dark!
  5. Adding solar panels is a great way to instantly increase the value of your home (and help it sell faster!)
  6. Research has found that solar panels usually take just around 7 years to pay for itself on average (and this doesn’t even factor in rising electricity costs)
  7. Over the life of your solar panels (20+ years), many homeowners can save $20,000 – $40,000 or more in electricity costs by going solar

Who Does Solar Make Sense For?

For most people who own their own home, have an electric bill over $150/month, and have a roof that gets a decent amount of sunlight, right now solar is likely a no-brainer.

The Only Way To Get An Accurate Solar Savings Estimate

If you are serious about going solar – and finding out how much you can save – the only way to get good, accurate information is to talk to a knowledgeable, trusted local installer.

The #1 Solar Advisor in the US

That’s why we’ve partnered with UnderstandSolar. They’re the #1 Solar Advisor in the US and have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners make smart decisions about solar. They don’t resort to hype and false claims to try and trick you into solar if it doesn’t make sense for your home.

UnderstandSolar has built relationships with the largest, most trusted solar installers across the U.S. so you can get a personalized savings estimate from an experienced, reputable, trustworthy company.

Find Out How Much You Can Save

If you even think solar might make sense for your home, now is the time to at least get a solar savings estimate and see how much you can save.

How To Get Started

Enter your zip code below and fill out the form on UnderstandSolar’s site to get an accurate savings estimate from a trusted local company. This service is free and there’s no obligation.

At Least You’ll Know…

The representative that contacts you won’t bite (we promise!) and, if solar doesn’t make sense, you can just say no. But at least you’ll know you’ve made an informed decision.

Take Advantage Of The Savings While You Still Can

And, by taking this first step now, you may just end up saving yourself a HUGE amount on your electric bills in the years and decades to come. So get a savings estimate now while you can still take advantage of low solar panel costs and great tax credits from the government.