are solar panels noisy

Are Solar Panels Noisy?

Neighbors do not like anything noisy. Like barking dogs, music blasting or a loud generator for example.

Now, let’s say you always wanted to install a solar panel system to cut out the costs of your utility bills. To add to that, you want a more sustainable lifestyle that’s good for the environment.

But you may be wondering if it will be noisy. Before you move forward with the plan of purchasing and having your solar panel system installed, you want to know if they are noisy enough to disturb your neighbors. 

Here in this article, we will find out the answer to that. So keep reading down below to learn whether solar panel systems are noisy or not. 

Are Solar Panels Noisy?

The short answer to that is no. Solar panels do not normally make noise once you install and use them. The solar panel units themselves do not produce noise whatsoever.

So there is no need to worry about noise problems if you plan to install and use a solar system as a utility alternative. In fact, not only are solar panel units great for promoting cleaner air, they also do not create any noise pollution. 

So that makes solar panels really great for the environment. But how come solar panels do not generate sound or are not noisy?

Well, without the solar inverter or a generator, a solar panel does not necessarily have any working parts. Because of that, they do not produce energy at an industrial level. 

Solar panels also do not produce any noise because of how they are installed. So a properly installed solar panel does not cause any noise problems.

When Solar Panels May Make Noise

However, solar panel units are not silent and noiseless in every situation. In some cases, your solar panel unit system may produce some noise which may be disturbing. 

One reason why your solar panel system may be producing noise is because it is not installed properly. It is possible for your solar panel system to produce a banging in your house in your walls because of the air pressure. 

Noise created by air pressure mainly occurs at night. The reason why there is noise from air pressure is because the solar panel system is poorly installed with the rails linking them. 

In some cases, your inverter or/and your generator may be causing the noise rather than the solar panel unit system. It is normal for an inverter to create a whirring sound.

But the noise it makes is not noticeable normally. If your inverter is too loud, you may need to get it checked. 

It is also possible that your solar panel system is noisy because the cables are loose. This means that the cables are not clipped properly and that it is constantly hitting the roof or ground. 

There’s another reason when panels could be the source of some noise. It’s when you have animals seeking shelter in your solar panels. Specifically birds

Also, birds sometimes defecate around your solar panel. And bird feces can decrease the efficiency of your solar panels. Be sure to check regularly, and schedule maintenance for your solar panels.

So those are the possible reasons why your solar panels are making noises. So long as your system is installed properly and you keep the birds away, your panels should be completely silent.