does installing solar void a roof warranty

Does Installing Solar Panels Void a Roof Warranty?

The roof is one of the most important parts of our homes. And one, that if it gets damaged, can cause all sorts of issues and be expensive to fix. 

Which is why, thankfully, there is usually a warranty should something happen to your roof. 

This leads to one of the main concerns people have when it comes to solar panels. Your roof’s warranty. The question is “does installing solar panels void a roof warranty?” 

This is an important question and one you’ll get the answer to below.  

Does Installing Solar Panels Void a Roof Warranty?

The short answer to that, most of the time, is no. The installation of solar panels should not void your roof’s warranty. So you shouldn’t have to worry if a part of your roof will be drilled to install your solar panels. 

Let’s get into some more details and see when the warranty could be in trouble due to solar panels.

More on Your Roof and Installing Solar

There are two types of racking systems for solar installations on residential roofs. The most common one is for pitched shingle roofs. 

In this situation, the installers will use bolts and screws to attach the solar system components to your roof. These systems are made to keep your roof in good shape and not do any damage to the shingles. 

Using bolts and/or screws, flashing and caulk, or butyl tape, your roof should remain waterproof for a very long time with your new solar panels. 

What Could Void Your Roof Warranty With Solar

However, it is still possible for your solar panel installation to go wrong. If it does and some of the roof shingles are destroyed then it’s bad news. When this happens it could void your roof warranty and/or you may experience leaks. 

Things that could void your roof warranty when installing solar include:

  • Using a low-quality racking system
  • Not using the correct fasteners to attach the solar footings to the roof
  • Improper installation (such as damaging shingles/tiles and/or not using the right sealant for waterproofing

This is why finding a reputable solar installer and making sure the installation is done properly is so important.

Issues To Address Before Panels Are Installed

There are three common issues to address before an installation of solar panels on your roof. They are:

  • Will there be a heat buildup?
  • Will there be water leaks?
  • Will the shingles be damaged to the point where the roof warranty will be void

As for the first question, yes there will be a buildup of heat when a solar panel is installed. However, it will not build up a sizable amount of heat to where the roof will get damaged because of it. 

The heat only becomes an issue under the panel only when they are not protected properly underneath. 

As for the water leaks, this is a case for hiring a skilled solar panel installer. Panel flashing is important to note because even though the panels will not cause water damage and leaks, improperly flashed panels could cause water intrusion. 

And lastly, shingles that are not damaged are still warrantied. The reason as to why the installation of panels does not void the roof warranty is that the shingles are warrantied. But if they are damaged then, yes, it could void your warranty.

Bottom Line

If the solar panels and equipment are installed properly, then you have nothing to worry about with your roof’s warranty. And, in fact, installing solar panels can even prolong the life of your roof by protecting it from the sun and temperature extremes. So hire a good installer and your roof and its warranty will be in good shape!